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     About Kate the Computer Tutor   

I started out in 1977 as a computer programmer on the "big" computers, working for banks and insurance companies. In 1980 I started my own company, working with these new "personal computers" writing stock market software. I've seen all kinds of word processors and spreadsheets come and go, and have worked on all kinds of computers and operating systems.

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You can email me at ktk@keilman.org

 I can help with all kinds of problems - I make a good detective! I have a knack for figuring out software packages. And if I donít know something, I will help you identify the right expert who can help solve your problem!

Also, I can communicate very well, something many nerds can't do! I love to teach, and often people have said "OH! You make it so simple and easy to understand!". Give me two hours and I can simplify your life.

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I lived in the Southwest for 10 years, including Albuquerque, where I had many chances to ride in hot air balloons, and help on the chase crews.

At the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, October 2002