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Personalized Computer Instruction

I can teach you to do the following...
- Bare Bones Basics - Word Processing
- Data Bases - Mail Merges
- Email - Surfing the Internet
- Desk Top Publishing
- Making Back Ups  - Spring Cleaning
- Digital Cameras - Buying/Selling on eBay

And More! (See details below)

 ...or I can simply do the work of
- PC repairs and upgrades too

- Move data from one computer to another (if you got a new one, for example).
- Speed up slow computers, add more memory,
- Install a printer, scanner, web camera, and more...

Business Services
Networking two or more computers together, file/printer sharing, syncing calendars & address books, firewalls, security issues, upgrades, transfering and installing new programs, cloud computing & storage

I'm "A+ Certified" to do PC repairs!

End the frustration with a sped up computer!
Be secure with confirmed backups of your data!
Let your computer become "user friendly"!

Personalized Instruction at your home or office
Kate Keilman (808) 224-1186

$80/hour, some discounts may apply, just ask. No charge for travel time, but if you are "beyond" Aiea or Kaneohe, I have a two hour minimum (I live in Kailua currently)

Bare Bones Basics - I work well with beginners – how to turn on the computer, how to move that pesky mouse, what a computer can and cannot do, and how to turn it off!

Word Processing - Need to write a letter or create a resume’? Writing the Great American Novel? How about a cute party invitation? I know WORD and Word Perfect, plus a variety of other lesser known word processors.

Data Bases - From MS Works, through Office (Access) with WORD and Word Perfect in between, I can help design and show you how to get the data into a data base, and then how to get it back OUT in a variety of formats.

Mail Merges - Want to send that party invitation to your Christmas card list? We can print labels or perhaps print right onto your envelopes! Personalized business letters too.

Email - If you don’t already have access to the internet (you need an account with Someone, Somewhere) I can explain your options, and get you set up with your own account. I’ll cover sending, receiving, and those tricky “Attachments” plus get your Address book set up with all your needed email addresses. Need to create rules to sort certain emails into specific folders? I can show you how.

Surfing the Internet - I can show you how to search the web, find long lost friends, buy or sell things, look up stock prices, research plane tickets, go to a specific website, create bookmarks (aka “favorites”), all kinds of things!

Desk Top Publishing - Need to create a flyer, brochure, display ad or newsletter? I’m not a graphic designer, but we can do a lot with text, clipart and fancy borders!

Making Back ups - If what you have in your computer is important to you, it’s essential to make backup copies. I can do them for you, or show you the easiest, safest way to store your valuables.

Spring Cleaning - Want to get rid of unneeded files or programs? Got too many icons on your desktop, need help organizing? I have a variety of tricks up my sleeve

Digital Cameras - Did you get a digital camera for Christmas and still haven't sent/printed any photos yet?

And More!

  CompTIA A+ CERTIFIED!! I can help with all kinds of problems:

Computer running slowly? Might be too many programs at one time, not enough memory, improper use of firewalls, I can take a look and figure out the best solution. You might not need a new computer!

Hard disk crash? Not sure what the problem is, but it won't turn on? Could be an easy fix, might be bad news. If I can't fix it, I might know someone who can. I probably can get the data off the computer and onto a new one...

Weird problems? Did the gremlins get in and reset things overnight? I make a good detective!

I come to your home or office - how convenient!
I find out what you are using the computer for, then you get to demonstrate what you are doing and I immediately give you feedback on how you can improve.

I will show you how to be more efficient - showing you multiple ways to accomplish various tasks, which in turn will help you save time. Your time is valuable, don't waste it!

You can learn how to use Word effectively, how to save and find documents.

I'll show you how to properly store items for easy retrieval.
And lots more, it depends on what You Need!



With Aron Ralston in Golden Gate Park, Sept 2004


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